Is it bad that your dog kisses you?

What diseases can cause a dog to lick?

Dogs usually lick their owners as a sign of affection, but you have to be careful so that this behavior does not wreak havoc on your health.

When dogs lick people it is usually a sign of affection; however, this behavior may not be as positive for the health of some, especially if they receive the “kisses” of the pet on the face.

Two veterinarians explain why dogs tend to lick and what precautionary measures to take to prevent that dog love from becoming negative.

1 Why do they lick?

They lick by coexistence, between the pet and the owner or the members of his family, this behavior is because thus they strengthen the fact of being part of the pack.

2 Is it bad?

It is a controversial issue because in the oral cavity of dogs there is a large number of bacteria and parasites, which can happen to people when they lick them.

Remember that they usually sniff other dogs, waste other dogs, or lick things on the floor, so they can be full of bacteria.

There are certain infections such as salmonella or rabies that pets can spread.

3 Diseases that can cause

Gastroenterologist Nayeli X. Ortiz Olvera points out that some sequels that can leave people kissing dogs, if they occur on the face, are chronic inflammation in the stomach, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever.

The microorganism that causes this is Campylobacter, and can be complicated by dehydration; Its incubation period is hours to days and may take months to manifest.

He also warns that, in older cases, dog kisses on people’s faces can affect organs such as the liver and lungs.

4 Who would not be recommended to kiss?

You have to be more careful with babies and older adults, as they may be more susceptible to acquiring bacteria or parasites through dogs.

5 How to avoid risks for the owner?

The entire area of ​​the face, especially the mouth, should be avoided.

Nor should licks in the eyes be allowed, because conjunctivitis could be caused.

Dogs can lick their arms, hand or some other exposed body area, there is no problem as long as they wash that area well afterward.

If the pet is sick, it is preferable to avoid licking anyone, because of the risk of transmitting it.

It is important to have the deworming schedule and vaccines of the current dog.