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The danger of plastic surgeries

Recommendations to consider before going to the operating room

Celebrity pomps like Nicky Minaj, Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez have become the ideal of many women, who are willing to resort to the scalpel to have a similar visual appeal.

However, looking lush can be a great risk, at least in Mexico, as the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMPER) considers it a public health hazard.

“There are people who pay for cheap surgeries in simple clinics, but when there is a complication, patients look for different options. Realizing that their recovery cannot be paid for by professional people in private hospitals, they go to health institutions.

“This causes them to occupy hospital beds for a few days, which generates a cost for these places that can be used to help other patients with chronic diseases. That is why the Ministry of Health and COFEPRIS consider it a public health problem “, said in an interview Dr. Martin Lira, member of the AMPER Communication Committee.

This situation does not exclude celebrities, who to seek the approval of their public through some arrangements, undergo procedures that can cause negative consequences.

An example of this is Alejandra Guzmán, who in 2009 underwent a buttock augmentation operation, which did not go as expected.

In 2012, he was injected with the methyl methacrylate substance injected, however, the consequences of this product affected his body to the extent that today his physical performance is no longer the same.

“She (Guzman) went with a lady who did aesthetic medicine. She was injected with cement (methyl methacrylate) and ended up becoming so infected that she continues to have complications,” said surgeon Fernando Molina.

Recently, the interpreter of “Making Love with Another” and “Eternally Beautiful” has been the target of criticism for photos of her current face published on social networks.

Another case is the former model Paola Durante, who, to improve his ass, went to Colombia to apply polymers that almost cost him his life due to a badly treated infection.

“Being in this environment we do not feel perfect and that is what we all look for perfection. People and television can signal you to gain weight and that makes you demanding yourself.

“I promised not to have surgery again because I was about to die in Colombia.

I wanted to become a ‘Barbie’ for others, although I didn’t like myself, “Paola said in an interview.

According to Lira and Molina, stereotypes play a fundamental role in the perception of the image in people.

That is why they recommend that, before thinking about the operating room, people go to a psychologist, to make a better decision.

“The plastic surgeon has to talk to the patient for a long time because he surely suffers from dysmorphic syndrome (obsession to resemble someone, as in the case of ‘Human Ken’).

“That is why a good surgeon determines, beyond an operation, if what they need is a surgical intervention or a visit with the psychiatrist. After the operations are performed they do not like how they were left and that is when they begin to distort the body in general, “Molina said.

To eradicate deaths from operations performed by doctors who are not plastic surgeons (21 cases from October 2009 to November 2018), AMPER decided to create an information campaign.

This initiative began to circulate in social networks from November of last year.

“What we are looking for is that people know how to choose the right professional.

“There is a huge disadvantage between a doctor who does cosmetic medicine and someone who has training as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon,” said Lira.

That’s what he said

“Now I understand that I am first. I love myself, I like it and that’s how it should be.”

Paola Durante, model, and actress.