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Thinking of dyeing you blond? These are the favorite tones of the famous

If you are thinking of a radical change in the face of spring and are thinking of dyeing yourself blond, the first thing you will have to find is the right shade. We tell you which are the favorites of the celebrities to help you with the decision.

They say that all women would have to be blonde at least once in a lifetime. And most of us try at some point in our life to lighten our hair to the fullest, although sometimes the experiment doesn’t work out very well. The most difficult is undoubtedly to choose the shade of blond that suits us best, a decision that depends on the skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. Usually, warm skins have to opt for honey, caramel or beach blond (the one wearing Blake Lively ). Cold skins, those that barely tan, are better with Nordic, ash and platinum tones. Be careful: this rule can be broken at any time. If you are in love with platinum, go ahead. With a lot of attitudes and proper makeup, there is no tone that you cannot wear.

The two most desired blond, and the most complicated to maintain, are platinum and Nordic. Elle Fanning wears a platinum mane that oscillates between a uniform tone or a darker touch at the root, depending on how the new hair is lightened. Michelle Williams has the most perfect almost white Nordic tone in Hollywood: always impeccable and without root insight.

The lighter skins that do not tan, especially if you also have clear eyes, are greatly favored with the ash-blond shade that leads, for example, Taylor Swift. The singer has been pulling gold, to give more shine and texture.

Amanda Seyfried has the honey tone that most favors women with tanned skin (warm) and with eyes and hair in different shades of brown and brown. The actress takes it in a single tone without shading, but we can give it a beach touch and add some wicks in different shades of gold.

Margot Robbie has surprised in recent weeks with a super bold look, which rescues one of the most radical blondes of the 90s: yellow. This is a more polished interpretation of the trendy grunge trend, which seeks contrast with the black root.

If you don’t see yourself blonde, blonde, Olivia Palermo may have the tone you’re looking for. It is a dark blonde, who plays with the golden tones and honey from medium to tip. Perfect if you don’t want to bleach all your hair.